LB-1 L-Bracket

  1. Allows the user to quickly change from landscape to portrait format without adjusting tripod.

  2. Compatible with all Pig Iron tripod heads.

  3. Universally compatible with most Arca-Swiss and Kirk Enterprise style quick release heads.

  4. Designed to fit all DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

  5. Machined from tough anodised alloy.

  6. High quality rubber inserts to protect your camera and prevent slippage.

  7. Stainless steel locking screw complete with D-ring.

  8. The locking screw moves left and right across the plate so you can tailor it to fit your equipment perfectly.

  9. Graduated scale markings.

  10. Strap connector.

  11. Additional female 1/4” threaded socket.

  12. Dimensions: 110mm long, 37mm wide, 9mm plate thickness.

  13. Industry standard 1/4” threaded connector.

  14. 5 year warranty and no fancy packaging!


Arca-Swiss compatible